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A Teamcity agent image, based off Alpine Linux (for docker in docker support).
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Docker Teamcity Agent

This is a Teamcity agent based off Alpine Linux (for docker in docker support) with the following installed:

  • Java 8 Open JDK
  • Docker in Docker, allowing you to build Docker images on the agent.

Note: The image is currently referencing Dind (Docker-in-Docker) version 1.11. For docker build commands to work on the Teamcity agent, the host docker version must match the Dind version. If you are using a later version of Docker on your host such 1.12, you will need to rebuild the image from the Github repository.

This repository is based off, plus other repositories that are referenced in the agent/Dockerfile.

Starting the containers

The following command will start a TeamCity build agent:

docker run -d --name teamcity-agent1 --privileged -e TEAMCITY_SERVER= -e TEAMCITY_NAME=my-agent-name anotherchris/teamcity-agent

You should then authorise the agent on your Teamcity server.

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