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Proof-of-concept ruby runner for servur

Basic idea

  • Servur is a simple web service in a container that takes data POSTed to /data and hands it to a "runner" as stdin
  • arunner.rb is a ruby implementation of a "runner" that does some basic transformation of stdin data and calls any arbitrary ruby "executor" with it
  • A ruby "executor" is any class that implements self.execute(input)
    • the filename should currently be the snake_case name of the class which should be CamelCased
    • input is currently a ruby Hash for JSON data, otherwise simply a raw string


To run the anowell/servur-ruby docker image, you must bind mount an executor to /home/arunner/executor/ and set EXEC_NAME

$ export EXEC_NAME=count_by_letter
$ docker run -p 8080:8080 -e EXEC_NAME -v `pwd`/examples/$EXEC_NAME:/home/arunner/executor:ro anowell/servur-ruby
$ curl -s localhost:8080/data -XPOST -d"hello world"
/bin/arunner.rb output: ----- Executor Output -----
{"h"=>1, "e"=>1, "l"=>3, "o"=>2, "w"=>1, "r"=>1, "d"=>1}

Any dependencies specified in a Gemfile will be installed when the container first starts. See build_stem_set for an example with dependencies.

Testing standalone

Put an example in the executor directory (relative to cwd), set EXEC_NAME, and pipe data into arunner.rb

$ ln -s examples/count_by_letter executor
$ echo "hello world" | EXEC_NAME="count_by_letter" ./arunner.rb
----- Executor Output -----
{"h"=>1, "e"=>1, "l"=>3, "o"=>2, "w"=>1, "r"=>1, "d"=>1}
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