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Msl-server provides java microservices as well as angular FE for the million-song-library project
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Run the msl-server image as:

docker run \ -d -p 3000:3000 \ -p 3002:3002 \ -p 3003:3003 \ -p 3004:3004 \ -p 9004:9004 \ -p 9003:9003 \ -p 9002:9002 \ -p 9001:9001 \ --name msl-server \ --net=host -ti \ --entrypoint=/bin/bash \ anram88/msl-server

Start edge services:
docker exec -d msl-server \ bash -c "npm run serve-all >> serve_all_log

Start FE
docker exec -it msl-server \ bash -c "bash ../bin/ -h -y -v && npm rebuild node-sass && npm run deploy

NOTE remember to edit your /etc/hosts file with mapping in order to view it from your browser
echo "$(docker-machine ip dev)" >> /etc/hosts

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