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Bluemix/OpenWisk CLI Developer Tools (cf, bx, wsk and docker) based on Ubuntu
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Docker container with Bluemix CLI clients installed and configured. So far the container

  1. Cloudfoundry cf tool
  2. Bluemix tool (similar to cf)
  3. OpenWisk tool
  4. Docker Client configured to use Bluemix container as daemon
  5. Kubernetes for Bluemix tool

Usefull scripts (/root/bin/) for bluemix services:


How to start it

In order to be flexible all user specific parts are configured at runtime via environment

  1. BX_USERNAME The email used to login to Bluemix
  2. BX_PASSWORD The password used to login to Bluemix
  3. BX_ORG Organisation to be preselected
  4. BX_SPACE Space to be preselected
  5. BX_ACCOUNT_ID Users Account ID
  6. WSK_ATH The OpenWhisk authentication token based on org and space
  7. KUB_CLUSTER Kubernetes cluster name
    docker run -it --rm                      \
    -e BX_USERNAME=<Bluemix Username>        \
    -e BX_PASSWORD=<Bluemix Password>        \
    -e BX_ORG=<Bluemix Organisation>         \
    -e BX_SPACE=<Bluemix Space>              \
    -e BX_ACCOUNT_ID=<Bluemix Account ID>    \
    -e WSK_AUTH=<Openwhisk Authentification> \
    -e KUB_CLUSTER=<kubernetes cluster name> \
    -v ${PWD}:/root/host                     \
    ansi/bluemixcli /bin/bash

Where to get the parameters

  1. Username and passwd are the normal Bluemix credentials.
  2. Org and space are the same as you use inside Bluemix:

  1. AccountID can be extracted when pressing on "Manage Organisation" and then scoll to the end of the current URL

  1. Openwhisk auth key is available for the seleted org and space here:

Acting within the docker container

Starting the container will start a bash in the "/root" folder. All login and configure options based on the user
credentials are done by the script

The host files are located in /root/host and can we used normaly within the docker container.

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