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S2I builder image for Ansible-Playbook-Bundle
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S2I builder image for Ansible-Playbook-Bundle


This is a Source-to-Image
builder image for Ansible Playbook Bunders (APBs)

Known Issues

Local APB Source Files Only

Git URL will only work if the APB source is at the top level. The Git repo such as the apb-examples will not work because it's a collection of APB sources.

Similarly, the URL such as apb-examples/hello-world-apb
will also not work because the hello-world-apb is not its own repo.


Quick start

  • Run the make to create the builder image s2i-apb
  • Have the source code of an APB available locally
  • Run the s2i build <path-to-APB-src> s2i-apb <APB-image>
  • Run the docker image with docker run ...

Files and Directories

File Required? Description
Dockerfile Yes Defines the base builder image
s2i/bin/assemble Yes Script that builds the APB
s2i/bin/usage No Script that prints the usage of the builder
s2i/bin/run Yes Script that runs the APB
s2i/bin/save-artifacts No Script for incremental builds that saves the built artifacts
test/run No Test script for the builder image
test/test-app Yes Test APB source code (hello-world)


Create a Dockerfile that installs all of the necessary tools and libraries that are needed to build and run our APB. This file will also handle copying the s2i scripts into the created image.

S2I scripts


  • Copy over the APB's action files
  • Copying over the APB's Ansible roles folder


This is not needed for APBs

save-artifacts (N/A)

This is not needed for APBs

usage (optional)

will print out instructions on how to use the image.

Creating the builder image

To create a builder image for APB run make in the folder.

$ cd s2i-apb
$ make

Note: you should only have to do this ONCE since this base image will not change in your APB development work flow. Also, you can skip creating the docker image and use the image.

Creating the APB image

The APB image combines the builder image with your APB source code, which is served using whatever application is installed via the Dockerfile, compiled using the assemble script

The following command will create the hello-world APB image in the test folder:

$ s2i build test/test-app s2i-apb hello-s2i-test-apb


$ s2i build test/test-app hello-s2i-test-apb

The assemble script of s2i will create an APB image using the builder image (s2i-apb) as a base and including the necessary files from the test/test-app directory.

Running the APB image

You may run the APB image by the docker run command. However you will need to have your own OpenShift environment.

For example, the below command will run the provision action of the hello-s2i-test-apb with the following environment variables.

  • OpenShift URL :
  • OpenShift User : john
  • OpenShift Pwd : pass
  • OpenShift Namespace : hello-world (via --extra-vars)
$ docker run \
--entrypoint /usr/bin/ \
-e "OPENSHIFT_USER=john" \
-e "OPENSHIFT_PASS=pass"  \
   hello-s2i-test-apb \
   provision \
   --extra-vars 'namespace=hello-world'
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