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This is a repository for automated build of winnlab's project mirabegron
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Quick start

  1. Clone this repo using git clone
  2. Check the version of your node it should be 6.10.0 or similar
  3. Run yarn to install dependencies. If you don't have yarn please install it from here
  4. Run npm start to see the app at http://localhost:3000

Now you're ready to rumble!



  1. From here * means any number.
  2. Run docker build -t ansyg/mirabegron:0.* . "." means current directory
  3. Chek docker image docker run -p 3000:3000 ansyg/mirabegron:0.*
  4. List runing containers docker ps
  5. Stop docker container if everything is ok docker stop container_id
  6. Run docker push ansyg/mirabegron:0.* to push image to docker hub
  7. Connect to server ssh root@
  8. Stop running container see 2.1 and 2.2
  9. Run docker run --rm -d -p 80:3000 ansyg/mirabegron:0.* "-d" - means run process as daemon

Run in production

Note that you have to check file structure inside /opt/app/files.
It should be:

docker run -v /opt/app/files:/opt/app/files --rm -d -p 80:3000 ansyg/mirabegron-auto:pre-release

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