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Container to build LineageOS image for any device (if source are availables)
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Create a Docker based environment to build LineageOS.

This Dockerfile will create a docker container which is based on Ubuntu 16.04.
It will install the "repo" utility and any other build dependencies which are required to compile LineageOS (formerly known as CyanogenMod).

The main working directory is a shared folder on the host system, so the Docker container can be removed at any time.

NOTE: Remember that LineageOS is a huge project. It will consume a large amount of disk space (~80 GB) and it can easily take hours to build.

How to run


How to build LineageOS for your device

docker run -d --name lineageos -v ./android:/home/build/android:z -v ./ccache:/srv/ccache:z -e GITUSER="Your Name" -e GITMAIL="" -e PRODUCT="terminalcodename" anthodingo/docker-lineageos:autobuild

or with compose

docker-compose up -d


Variable Description Type Default value Example
GITUSER Username for git Required Your Name
GITMAIL User email for git Required
PRODUCT Terminal code name Required shamu
FORCESYNC Force repo sync optional false
BRANCH LineageOS Branch optional cm-14.1
REPO Change OTA server url optional
POSTBUILD Post build script to exec optional /home/build/android/

Make sure your script has 754 access to user 1000:1000


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