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Transmission Daemon
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What is Transmission?

Transmission is a cross-platform BitTorrent client that is Open-source, Easy, Lean, Native and Powerful.

Transmission project page

What is the transmission-daemon image?

A very minimal image meant to run the Transmission daemon and nothing else.

How to use the transmission-daemon image?

The Transmission daemon can be configured at run time using configuration flags, which can be passed either directly as the container command or via the TRANSMISSION_OPTIONS environment variable.

For a list of all available options, please run docker run --rm antoineco/transmission-daemon -h or check the project documentation.

The --foreground flag is set automatically by the startup script in order to prevent the process from running as a deamon.

Besides, the following default directories are created and used automatically if --config-dir is not set:

Directory Override env var Used for flag
/var/lib/transmission/config config_dir --config-dir
/var/lib/transmission/downloads download_dir --download-dir
/var/run/transmission rundir --pid-file

Usage example:

$ docker run \
    -v /myconfig -v /mydownloads \
    -e config_dir=/myconfig -e download_dir=/mydownloads \
    antoineco/transmission-daemon \
        --auth \
        --username foo \
        --password bar \
        --port 9090
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