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Easily backup Postgresql to S3 using Docker

As with every database, Postgresql needs to be backed up. To make it way more easier to maintain and install, the entire script is running inside a docker container and will backup your Postgresql database to a S3 bucket. It will work perfectly only with a few arguments. The only requirement is to have docker installed.


If needed install Docker. Then run the script with the following environment variables :

docker run --rm \
  -e AWS_SECRET_KEY='AWS Secret Key' \
  -e AWS_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD='AWS Encryption Password' \
  -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY='AWS Access Key' \
  -e DATABASE_IP='' \
  -e DATABASE_PORT='5432' \
  -e DATABASE_NAME='myapp_production' \
  -e DATABASE_USERNAME='myapp' \
  -e DESTINATION=mybucket/postgresql \

And that's it ! Your backup is done. :-)


This script can get a lot better. Pull requests welcome !

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