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Processwire (installed on-the-fly) and NGINX + MySQL.
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A Dockerfile that installs the latest nginx, php, php-apc, mysql and Processwire.

This is a fork from suzel/docker-processwire. The following changes/features were introduced:

  • refactored base image to phusion/baseimage;
  • reduced number of RUN calls on Dockerfile and
  • (temporarily) uses wireshell to setup new website with default login credentials


The easiest way to get this docker image installed is to pull the latest version from the Docker registry:

$ docker pull antonioandrade/processwire

...or build from scratch:

$ git clone
$ cd docker-processwire-nginx/
$ docker build -t antonioandrade/processwire .


Start your image binding external port 80 (web) and 3306 (mysql) to your container:

$ docker run --name processwire \
             -v $PWD/htdocs:/usr/share/nginx \
             -p 80:80 \
             -p 3306:3306 \
             -d antonioandrade/processwire

Initial setup does take a couple of minutes so be patient.
You can then execute the following to open your new project on your host machine's browser:

$ open http://$(docker-machine ip default):8080

Default Credentials

Since we are using wireshell to install the new project for us, default admin credentials are the following:

Docker Pull Command