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Docker with Android SDK, x86 (fast) simulator and Gradle.
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This docker is to build Android Gradle project with Java 8.
It is available on Docker Hub


  • Android SDK: r24.4.1
  • Build tools: 23.0.2, 23.0.3
  • Android API: 22, 23
  • Support maven repository
  • Google maven repository
  • x86 emulator: v22
  • Platform tools

Build image

docker build -t antygravity/android-x86 .

If building fail you can debug via where 1b372b1f76f2 is partial build

docker run --tty --interactive --rm 1b372b1f76f2 /bin/bash

Push build version to repository

docker push antygravity/android-x86


Change directory to your project directory, than run:

docker run --privileged --interactive --volume=$(pwd):/opt/workspace --workdir=/opt/workspace --rm antygravity/android-x86 /bin/sh -c 'emulator-x86 -avd test -no-skin -no-audio -no-window & /opt/tools/ && gradle clean uninstallAll connectedCheck build'
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