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A Docker image for getting up and running with Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics
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Dockerized mit-scheme in Emacs with scmutils

For Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics (SICM) by Wisdom and Sussman.

SICM teaches classical mechanics using notation so unambiguous that it can be
transliterated to a computer program, and I find that that makes it much easier
to understand. Check out this review.

This Docker image gets you up and running with a good
Emacs-based SICM development environment. It will only work on x86-64/amd64


docker run -i -t -v /path/to/workdir:/work apatil:docker-sicm

This command will run the image and drop you in an Emacs session. To run an MIT
Scheme repl with the scmutils
package (a requirement for running the SICM examples) preloaded, do

M-x run-scheme-with-sicm

You can interact with the repl using these commands. You may find it convenient to split the window.


You will often be prompted to type things like

(RESTART 1) ;; Does not work

For reasons unknown, this will not work. You need to type restart, no caps:

(restart 1) ;; Does work

Improving/ contributing to this image

Please open an issue or submit a pull request at

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