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Emscripten - Depricated see apiaryio/emcc
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Emscripten dockerized

Important : Depricated see apiaryio/emcc

This image serves as convenient way how to have emscripten at hand
without the need to build it for yourself, which takes a long time as
you need to build clang from source and that's big source code to


The docker image version is the same as emscrpten version so
apiaryio/base-emscripten-dev:1.31.0 corresponds to emscripten version 1.31.0.


Once pulled the usage is simple either invoke simple commands for
interactive use

$> docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/src -t apiaryio/base-emscripten-dev emconfigure ./configure

or if working on non-trivial project have a build script run that, see
the emcc direcotry in drafter

$> docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/src -t apiaryio/base-emscripten-dev emcc/

Both examples assume you are in the root directory of your project
where is your configure or Makefile.

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