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Emscripten dockerized

This image serves as convenient way how to have emscripten at hand without the need to build it for yourself, which takes a long time as you need to build clang from source. It includes openjdk-8-jre so it can be used with the closure compiler --closure 1.


The docker image version is the same as emscripten version so apiaryio/emcc:1.38.11 corresponds to emscripten version 1.38.11. Older releases used be built using the latest patch version of emscripten as found on emscripten releases page but tagging only the minor version. Form 1.38.11 full versions are tagged.


Once pulled the usage is simple either invoke simple commands for interactive use

$> docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/src -t apiaryio/emcc emconfigure ./configure

or if working on non-trivial project have a build script run that, see the emcc directory in drafter.js repo.

$> docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/src -t apiaryio/emcc:1.36 scripts/

Both examples assume you are in the root directory of your project where is your configure or Makefile


Dockerfiles can be found at emscripten-docker repository.

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