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Dashboard component for the open-source API management platform API Umbrella.
Full Description

API Umbrella Dashboard

The APInf platform offers a comprehensive tool for API management. Building on API Umbrella, it provides enhanced user interface features for API managers and consumers alike.

For API consumers APInf provides simple key management, key usage analytics and API discovery along with API documentation. Managers have simplified workflow for common tasks, such as key management, rate limiting and viewing API usage analytics.

Running Example

docker run -p 80:80 -e MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/your_db -e MAIL_URL=smtp:// -e ROOT_URL=http://YOUR_SITE_DOMAIN apinf/apinf:latest

Building from Docker File

To build the container locally run

docker build -t apinf/apinf .

Known Issues

Please submit issues on the projects Github page.

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