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Mule 3.8.1 on CentOS 7 with OpenJDK 1.8
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Mule 3.8.1 Community Edition

This container runs mule 3.8.1 standalone community edition on a base of CentOS 7 with Java 1.8. The underlying Java container is apivista/java:8, which installs openjdk-1.8.0 and openjdk-1.8.0-devel.


  • /opt/mule/apps - Mule applications go here. If you load them as .zip files, they'll autodeploy.
  • /opt/mule/conf - Configuration files go here.
  • /opt/mule/domains - For persistent domains.
  • /opt/mule/logs - Logging.

In most cases, apps and logs are the more important volumes, especially if you plan on tying the container into ELK.

Environment Variables

  • DEBUG - set to "true" to enable debug logging. Omit or set to any other value to not enable it.

At this time all the entrypoint does is check to see if DEBUG is enabled or not and then start mule via /opt/mule/bin/mule with the correct flags.

Future versions

We may add more environment variables in subsequent versions.

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