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#Datacard Viewer

Datacard Viewer is a Graphical User Interface tool for exploration of Higgs measurements in datacards.

##How to use it

The tool works like this:

  • Install Flask server on network.
  • Type server's address in a browser.
  • Upload datacards and their ROOT files you want view.
  • View them.


###General Requirements

Server side (libraries):

  • Python 2.6 or higher.
  • Flask 0.11 or higher.

Client side (browser):

  • Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
  • IE8, IE9 or newer.


Flask can be installed in two different ways:

1) using Flask Local and System-Wide installation guides.

2) or building and installing System-Wide Flask from the source:

   $ cd libs/flask-0.11
   $ python build
   $ sudo python install

###Configuring the server

The server automatically configures it self to: "yourExternalIPAddress":5000.
To configure your web server manually go to and change IP address and/or port.

###Launching the server

To launch your web server go back to the DatacardViewer folder and type:

   $ python

If it doesn't work, go to and configure it manually.


#Run DatacardViewer with Docker


#Future developing

Here locates all information for future developers

Datacard tutorial:

.root files can be pulled from here:
OR here: afs/ (need to configure afs localy)

afs config

$ kinit user@CERN.CH     # get kerberos ticket
$ aklog                  # login to AFS cell
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