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Dejavu is the missing web UI for Elasticsearch.
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The missing Web UI for Elasticsearch, compatible with ES v1.x, v2.x and v5.x.


docker run -p 1358:1358 -d appbaseio/dejavu
open http://localhost:1358/live        # for the data browser view
open http://localhost:1358/importer    # for the data importer view

You can also run a specific version of dejavu by specifying a tag. For example, 1.0.0 can be used by docker run -p 1358:1358 appbaseio/dejavu:1.0.0.


To make sure you enable CORS settings for your ElasticSearch instance, add the following lines in the ES configuration file.

http.port: 9200
http.cors.allow-origin: "http://localhost:1358"
http.cors.enabled: true
http.cors.allow-headers : X-Requested-With,X-Auth-Token,Content-Type,Content-Length,Authorization
http.cors.allow-credentials: true



  1. http.cors.allow-origin should match the origin where dejavu is running. For example, if you are running dejavu on http://my-domain:1234, that should be the value set in Elasticsearch's CORS config.

  2. If you are running Elasticsearch using Docker, one way to set the above CORS headers is by -Des flag on v2.x and -E flag for v5.x. Examples for both below:

Elasticsearch v2.x
docker run --name es -d -p 9200:9200 elasticsearch:2 -Des.http.port=9200 -Des.http.cors.allow-origin="http://localhost:1358" -Des.http.cors.enabled=true -Des.http.cors.allow-headers=X-Requested-With,X-Auth-Token,Content-Type,Content-Length,Authorization -Des.http.cors.allow-credentials=true
Elasticsearch v5.x
docker run --name es -d -p 9200:9200 elasticsearch:5.6 -Ehttp.port=9200 -Ehttp.cors.allow-origin="http://localhost:1358" -Ehttp.cors.enabled=true -Ehttp.cors.allow-headers=X-Requested-With,X-Auth-Token,Content-Type,Content-Length,Authorization -Ehttp.cors.allow-credentials=true


can also be run via hosted app at or installed as a chrome extension.

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