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Elasticsearch for AMP
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Elasticsearch Docker image based on Alpine Linux.

Exposed ports

  • 9200, 9300

Env. variables

Variable Description Default value Example
JAVA_HEAP_SIZE Java heap size in MB 1024
java_max_direct_mem_size Java max direct memory size
java_opts Java options
FORCE_HOSTNAME IP on which ES will be listening
UNICAST_HOSTS DNS names for cluster discovery tasks.elasticsearch
MIN_MASTER_NODES Minimum number of master nodes 1 3

When JAVA_HEAP_SIZE is empty, the value is set depending on system max memory (256 to 10% of max memory).

System prerequisites

Elastic highly recommends to set the VM mmap count to 262144 on the host:

sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

The hard limit for file descriptors should be at least 65535. You can check it with ulimit -Hn.

Docker Pull Command