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Default nodejs image used by appcom interactive.
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NodeJS Docker Image

Default nodejs image used by appcom interactive.


This image is intended to be used as base for an nodejs project.

The nodejs app needs to be copied into the /node folder inside the container. The file package.json needs to be in /node/package.json.

Normally there would be a Dockerfile and a .dockerignore file inside the project.

The Dockerfile should look like:

FROM appcom/nodejs

# install dependencies (node_modules) and copy into /node
# we install the node modules this way to benefit from the docker caching and only need to rebuild if package.json 
# changes
ADD package.json /tmp/package.json
RUN cd /tmp \
  && npm install --only=production \
  && mv /tmp/node_modules /node/node_modules \
  && rm -rf /tmp/npm-*

COPY . /node

The .dockerignore file should list all files that should't be copied into the image and look like:


Docker Tags

There are the following tags and corresponding versions:

appcom/nodejs - NodeJS 8 and NPM 5 (Current)
appcom/nodejs:8 - NodeJS 8 and NPM 5
appcom/nodejs:7 - NodeJS 7 and NPM 4
appcom/nodejs:lts - NodeJS 6 and NPM 3 (LTS)
appcom/nodejs:6 - NodeJS 6 and NPM 3

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