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CentOS 6.6 SonarQube 4.5.1 Container Build - 652.5 MB
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Sonarqube Container Build

Built from appcontainers/centos66

Build container using default values.

docker build -t appcontainers/sonarqube .

Running the container

The container is built to allow several configurable variables to be passed in at runtime. The values are as follows:

  • MYSQL_SERVER - This is the Host server that runs the MySQL instance where the Application DB will be stored.
  • MYSQL_PASS - This will set the MySQL Root Password.
  • MYSQL_DB - The name of the MySQL DB that the Application will use.
  • APP_USER - The username that the Application will use in order to connect to the MySQL DB.
  • APP_PASS - The password of the user that the Application uses to connect to the MySQL DB.

Run the container using default values

docker run -d -it --name sonarqube -h sonarqube --privileged -p 9000:9000 appcontainers/sonarqube

This will assume the following

  • MYSQL_SERVER = localhost
  • MYSQL_PASS = P@ssw0rd
  • MYSQL_DB = sonar
  • APP_USER = admin
  • APP_PASS = Passw0rd

Run the container substituting the $varables with your own custom values

docker run -d -it \
--name sonarqube \
-h sonarqube \
-p 9000:9000 \
-e MYSQL_SERVER='localhost' \
-e MYSQL_PASS='P@ssw0rd' \
-e MYSQL_DB='sonar' \
-e APP_USER='admin' \
-e APP_PASS='Passw0rd' \

**Navigate to the IP address of the server on the port specified (9000 default) to access the sonarqube GUI

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