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Konakart eCommerce with the AppDynamics Java agent and Browser Real User Monitoring
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This short howto explains how to start Konakart and configure the AppDynamics Java agent to talk to your AppDynamics controller.

Agent configuration

Create a file /tmp/envfile with the relevant environment variables:


(see for a full list of relevant variables)

Starting Konakart in docker

docker run --env-file /tmp/envfile -P appdynamics/konakart

Accessing Konakart

At this stage, Konakart should be running within a docker container on port 8780 and mapped to a local port on the docker host. Use docker ps to find out which host port it is:

The resulting output should look like this:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                  COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                       NAMES
b80dc9f91b6f        appdynamics/konakart   "/bin/sh -c 'service "   4 minutes ago       Up 4 minutes>5432/tcp,>8780/tcp,>8783/tcp   small_joliot
15:49:21 ~ (master) $ docker port appdynamics/konakart

In this example, the relevant host port is 32784. Load http://your_dockerhost_ip:32784 to access Konakart in your browser. If you are running this container on your laptop, the your dockerhost ip is localhost.

Exposing Konakart to the public Internet

If you need to expose Konakart to the public internet, you can use a tool like ngrok to forward the local port on your docker host to the outside world

Configuring Browser Real User Monitoring

By enabling Browser Real User Monitoring from AppDynamics you will get an end to end view of the performance of the Konakart applications, from the frontend to the backend.

Browser Real User Monitoring can be easily enabled by following the instructions on Automatic Injection.

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