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Docker image of HHVM.
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Docker image of HHVM.

Memcached Session Support

You can enable the memcached session handler at runtime by either using a Docker --link to a container running Memcached, or you can supply a list of servers in an environment variable. When HHVM starts, the settings will be written to /etc/hhvm/php.ini to enable Memcached based session storage. (If neither is used, standard file-based session storage remains the default.)

Linked Docker Containers

You may link a Memcached container using the name memcached.

docker run -d --name foobar memcached
docker run -d --link foobar:memcached hhvm

Environment variable

You may pass the MEMCACHED environment variable which should contain a list of Memcached hosts and ports.

docker run -d -e "MEMCACHED=," hhvm

CA Certificates

You can mount a volume to /usr/local/share/ca-certificates that contains any certificate authorities you wish to accept as trusted. Debian's update-ca-certificates is run before HHVM executes.

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