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Watches a folder for changes and runs Broccoli builds when they occur.
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Docker image for continuous builds using Broccoli 1.x.

This image uses a fork of broccoli-timepiece to poll a project directory for changes. If any modifications occur, a Broccoli build runs.

My use case (that is, why I originally put this image together):

  • Write JavaScript in ES6/Harmony.
  • Use Broccoli to run a Babel transpile if any files change.
  • I can point my browser to a local application server instead of the one used by broccoli serve.


By default, this image sets up a volume at /opt/broccoli/project. You can either use the -v flag of docker run to mount your project, or you could build your own Docker image that checks out your project from source.

Regardless of how you attach your project files, the /opt/broccoli/project folder needs a package.json and Brocfile.js to do any builds.


Any arguments after the docker run command will be passed along to broccoli-timepiece. Namely, you'll want to supply the destination directory, which is dist by default.

User / Group

It's probably a good idea to run the container using your own UID and GID with the --user option of docker run.


Say you have a project folder at /home/foobar/my-project. Within, you have a Brocfile.js that reads from app and you want the build output to html. Also, you want all files to be owned by you.

docker run -d -v /home/foobar/my-project:/opt/broccoli/project --user $(id -u):$(id -g) appertly/node-broccoli html


This image also has Node.js and npm installed. You can use this container to update your project dependencies in case your local system doesn't have npm.

mkdir -p $HOME/.npm
docker run --rm --entrypoint npm -v $HOME/.npm:/.npm -v /path/to/my/project:/opt/broccoli/project appertly/node-broccoli update

You can also run npm update from a running container.

docker exec -it your-container-name npm update
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