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Include yarn package management.
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Npm vs Yarn install speed testing.

What is Yarn

Yarn is a new package manager for JavaScript. Please read blog post from Facebook for detail information.

Prepare Environment

You can testing in Docker or what you prefer.

  • node version: v8.0.0
  • npm verison: 5.0.0
  • yarn verison: 0.24.6

Testing without cache

Testing install speed without cache node_modules folder.

$ npm cache verify
$ rm -rf ~/.npm/_cacache/
$ time npm install

time: 1m43.370s

$ yarn cache clean
$ time yarn install

time: 1m1.707s

Testing with cache

Testing install speed without include cache node_modules folder.

$ rm -rf node_modules
$ time npm install

time: 0m38.819s

$ rm -rf node_modules
$ time yarn install

time: 0m24.219s

Testing install speed with cache node_modules folder.

$ time npm install

time: 0m11.216s

$ time yarn install

time: 0m0.954s


Yarn is so faster than npm. We can move package manager from Npm to Yarn for JavaScript now.

npm yarn
install without cache 103.00s 61.70s
install with cache 11.00s 0.9s
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