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Minimalistic debian image with ssh
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Running constantinm/debianfoundation

docker run -d -P constantinm/debianfoundation

The first time that you run your container, a random password will be generated for user root. To get the password, check the logs of the container by running:

docker logs <CONTAINER_ID>
To retrieve the generated password.

Setting a specific password for the root account

If you want to use a preset password instead of a random generated one, you can set the environment variable ROOT_PASS to your specific password when running the container:

docker run -d -p 32777:22 -e ROOT_PASS="mypassword" constantinm/debianfoundation
docker run -d -P -e ROOT_PASS="mypassword" --Name debianfoundationsrv constantinm/debianfoundation
docker port <CONTAINERID>

Adding SSH authorized keys

If you want to use your SSH key to login, you can use AUTHORIZED_KEYS environment variable. You can add more than one public key separating them by ,:

docker run -d -p 2222:22 -e AUTHORIZED_KEYS="cat ~/.ssh/" constantinm/debianfoundation:latest

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