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Complete bootstrapping of clustered GeoServer in a DCOS environment.
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DCOS GeoServer Cluster

Complete bootstrapping of clustered GeoServer in a DCOS environment.

This repository contains scripts responsible both for initialization and synchronization of multiple GeoServer instances
running in Mesosphere DCOS. Synchronization is done by watching the GeoServer data directory for changes and then
signaling each GeoServer to reload the configuration from the shared data directory. This configuration reload is
performed in round robin fashion on a configurable interval.


From the DCOS Administrative Web UI browse to the Universe package page, select the GeoServer package and click Install.
If marathon-lb is not already installed, it should also be installed from the Universe package page.
Within a minute the geoserver and geoserver-app applications should be active and healthy. Once it is healthy
simply browse to the URL specified in the haproxy-vhost label of the geoserver-app application in Marathon. This
defaults to geoserver.marathon.mesos unless overridden with the advanced install settings.

Reference DCOS Example documentation for complete quickstart:

Environment Variables

The following are variables that are either used during bootstrapping of the geoserver-app Marathon application
or to configure the synchronization of the instances on configuration update.


  • FILE_BLACKLIST: comma delimited list of files to ignore during file system polling (default: .log)
  • GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR: file system location to watch for updates (default: /shared/geoserver)
  • GS_RELOAD_INTERVAL: time in seconds between reload of each instance
  • GS_PROTOCOL: protocol prefix, should be set to 'http' or 'https'
  • GS_RELATIVE_URL: relative URL to GeoServer REST API
  • GS_SYNC_DEBUG: boolean to output verbose messages for debugging synchronization code (default: false)
  • MARATHON_APP_PORT: internal port of service running in Docker (default: 8080)
  • POLLING_INTERVAL: time in seconds between file system poll for configuration updates


  • AUTH_URI: URI to a .dockercfg file used to pull from private registry (no default)
  • DCOS_OAUTH_TOKEN: Auth token for deployment of GeoServer instances in DCOS EE (no default)
  • DCOS_PACKAGE_FRAMEWORK_NAME: Value passed through from DCOS package (default: geoserver)
  • ENABLE_CORS: Boolean indicating whether GeoServer image should add response headers for CORS (default: false)
  • GEOSERVER_INSTANCES: Number of server instances in cluster (default: 3)
  • GEOSERVER_CPUS: CPU cores alloted to each GeoServer instance (default: 2)
  • GEOSERVER_MEMORY: Memory alloted to each GeoServer instance (default: 512MiB)
  • GEOSERVER_IMAGE: Docker image used for the GeoServer instance (default: appliedis/geoserver:2.13.1)
  • GEOSERVER_EXTENSION_TARBALL_URI: URI of tarballed JARs to inject into GeoServer instances (default: None)
  • GEOSERVER_WEB_XML_URI: URI of web.xml to inject into GeoServer instances (default: None)
  • HAPROXY_VHOST: Public address for access to the GeoServer cluster (default: geoserver.marathon.mesos).
    Multiple values are allowed in comma delimited form (default: http://public1,http://public2).
  • HOST_GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR: location the GeoServer data directory resides on the host (default: /shared/geoserver)
  • HOST_SUPPLEMENTAL_DATA_DIRS: comma separated locations of data stored on host to mount RO into container (no default)
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