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Tau web application user interface
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npm install



Build the web app for development and serve at http://localhost:3000 by running:

npm start


Build the web app for production by running:

npm run deploy

Production-ready files will be output to the dist directory.

Serve the dist folder by running:

npm run serve <PORT>

runs node-static server, default port set to 9000 http://localhost:9000.

Docker | DC/OS Deployment

cd deployment
chmod +x ./
./ <TAG>

This script will clone the git repository, build a Docker image with the specified tag, push it to the DI2E Docker registry (, and save the Docker image to a tar file in the directory specified by the DEP_TARGET variable in the script.

The Docker image can be deployed to DC/OS using using the configuration found in the dcos/marathon.json file.

The Docker build uses a two-step process to significantly reduce the size of the image. NodeJS build steps (npm install and npm run deploy) are done in the first step. The second step copies just the ./dist directory into another container and uses nginx to serve the app. This reduces the size of the Docker image from ~1.5 GB to ~30 MB.

Docker Pull Command
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