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(Deprecated) Bridge Amazon Echo with any Home Automation Hub through http api
Full Description

This container is deprecated. Please use the following version:

Amazon Echo HA Bridge

Use Amazon Echo to voice control your home automation devices (uses http commands between the echo and your home automation controller)

Install On unRaid:

On unRaid, install from the Community Repositories and enter the app folder location and the port for the webUI.

Install On Other Platforms (like Ubuntu or Synology 5.2 DSM, etc.):

On other platforms, you can run this docker with the following command:

docker run -d --name="AmazonEcho-HA-Bridge" --net="host" -e SERVERIP="192.168.X.X" -e SERVERPORT="XXXX" -v /path/to/config/:/config:rw -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro aptalca/docker-amazon-echo-ha-bridge

  • Replace the SERVERIP variable (192.168.X.X) with your server's IP
  • Replace the SERVERPORT variable (XXXX) with whichever port you choose.
  • By default, this will install the latest version as of the latest update to this container, but if you want to run a different version (to go back to the previous version perhaps), include the following environment variable in your docker run command -e VERSION="0.X.X"

See the linked thread for setup instructions:,31920.msg231970.html#msg231970

You can now access the WebUI at http://SERVERIP:SERVERPORT/configurator.html
It is much much easier to manage connected devices that way


2015-08-20 - Set max memory for java so it doesn't hog unnecessary resources on multipurpose servers - Allow for custom version install by passing environment variable in docker run as -e VERSION="0.X.X"

2015-08-17 - Updated jar to latest version 0.2.1 - The bridge now runs as user nobody instead of root - Updated to phusion 0.9.17 baseimage

2015-07-17 - Updated jar to latest version 0.2.0

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