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DNS tunneling server for Raspberry Pi
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0) WAT?

1) Setup DNS

It is required to setup two DNS records: NS and A.

The NS record, myns.domain.ext, should point to the A record, mya.domain.ext, and the A record need to point to your iodine server IP.

For which purpose you can use two subdomain on

From you can learn how to update the DNS with a simple curl command: in next release the Docker image will ask you freedns token and do the job for you ;)

2) Setup Docker on Raspberry do a great job on this topic

3) Use this Docker image

First of all this image is a fork of many thanks to FiloSottile!

And the hardest part..

docker run -d -privileged -p -e IODINE_HOST=myns.domain.ext -e IODINE_PASSWORD=mystrongpwd --expose 53 aqquadro/rpi-iodine

4) Test from here

5) Configure a client

On Android download AndIodine from F-Droid

in the “Tunnel Topdomain” insert myns.domain.ext and under your strong password have fun!

Or use the iodine client from

6) Contribute!


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