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Short Description
ANLE (Alpine Nginx Let's Encrypt) reverse proxy server.
Full Description

ANLE Reverse Proxy Image

Nginx build on Alpine with Certbot to use as a reverse proxy.

Launches nginx by default. If configuration is not found, initializes with default configuration. accepts these commands:

Command Description
init initialize directories if they're empty
renew similar to init but renews certs instead
daemon run in non-detached mode
certbot create/renew certificate
start start nginx server
stop stop nginx server
quit gracefully stop nginx server
reload reloads nginx configurations
reopen reopens nginx log files
kill killall nginx
test check nginx's configuration


Initializes the server with all the necessary configurations and certificate.
Example: init is the target to get Let's Encrypt certificate for.
`` is your email address required by LE.


Renewing certificates by initializing with renewal instead of creating new certs: renew


Put nginx in the foreground so that it wouldn't stop when the container detatches.


Get or renew a certificate for the specified host: certbot

You can also use the script located in the etc directory to
generate new LE certificates.

start, stop, quit, kill

These are convenience commands when you're inside the running container use for
starting and stopping.

reload, reopen, test

When you change configurations, reload and test it.


anle requires this stucture if you're not using the init command to create

/<local-dir>/data (anywhere you want)
+-- /etc                (configurations)
|   |
|   +-- nginx.conf      (default)
|   +-- mime.types      (default)
|   +-- /conf.d
|       |
|       +-- proxy.conf  (default)
|       +-- mime.types  (auto generated)
|       +-- 80.conf     (auto generated)
|       +-- 443.conf    (auto generated, edit REQUIRED)
|       +-- (re/new certificate for a host)
+-- /html               (root)
|   |
|   +-- index.html      (default)
|   +-- 50x.html        (soft-link to index.html)
+-- /letsencrypt        (certificates)
|   |
|   +-- dhparam.pem     (default)
|   +-- /accounts       (le auto generated)
|   +-- /keys           (le auto generated)
|   +-- /csr            (le auto generated)
|   +-- /renewal        (le auto generated)
|   +-- /live           (le auto generated - REQUIRED)
|   +-- /archive        (le auto generated)
+-- /log                (logs and pid files)

All the default files are required, donnot delete.
auto generated files are not required, they will be generated.

Usage Instruction

Initialize & Let's Encrypt Certificate

Initialize the configurations and get the certificate:

docker run --rm -t -v <local-dir>:/data \
    -p 80:80 -p 443:443 \
    aquaron/anle \
        init <hostname> <email>

Edit 443.conf

Edit <local-dir>/etc/conf.d/443.conf and change
configuration for upstream hosts to match your virtual hosts settings.

Installs docker-anle.service to your systemd configuration.
Find this script in your <local-dir>/etc directory.

Run Daemon

Using systemctl

If you've used the script, you can issue these commands
to start/stop your service:

systemctl start docker-anle.service
systemctl stop docker-anle.service


You can manually start the container by running the commands found in docker-anle.service:

docker run -v <local-dir>:/data \
    -p 80:80 -p 443:443 \
    --name anle -h anle \
    -d aquaron/anle


Enter the container and poke around:

docker run --rm -it -v <local-dir>:/data \
    -p 80:80 -p 443:443 \
    --entrypoint=/bin/sh \

Once inside use the to control the server.

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