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Short Description
Get Let's Encrypt wildcard certificates using Certbot
Full Description


Get and renew Let's Encrypt Wildcard Certificates using Certbot.

Command Description
-get get LE's wildcard certficicates for --host
-single get a single --host certificate
-renew renew all existing expiring certificates
-revoke revoke --host certificate
-delete delete a certificate
-clean remove all certificates
-test use staging test server instead of production
-force force get/renew even when cert not expired
-verbose talkative mode
Option Description
--host FQN of the host to get the wildcard certificate
--email email for updates and expiry
--dns dns-01 validation service


Get new wildcard certificates including root.

Example: -get --host --email --dns google is the target to get Let's Encrypt certificate for.
Both * and certificates are ordered.
`` is your email address required by LE.


Renews all certificates that are expiring.


Optional flag for getting certificates from staging server instead of production.


Revoke a certificate.


Removes the letsencrypt directory. Use it with caution after test runs only.


Forces renewal or getting the certificate even when it is not expired.


Turn on more info output of the progress. Use this for debugging.


Domain validation services. Currently supporting ony google and digitalocean.


Full qualify domain name of the host you want to get certificate for.
No need to specify the *.


Email is required for expiration notifications.

Usage Instruction

Get Let's Encrypt Wildcard Certificate

docker run --rm -t -v <local-dir>:/data aquaron/certbot \
    --email <email> --host <fqn> --dns <dns-01> -[get|revoke|renew] [-test]
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