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TMK build firmware for Infinity 60% Keyboard (and HHKB)
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Uses TMK to build the data file to flash Input Club's Infinity 60%.
Optionally, you can build hex files for HHKB.


docker run --rm -v <local-dir>:/data aquaron/tmk-infinity <tag> [<keyboard>] [<target>]

<tag> is the name of the keymap file that contains the mapping to customize your keyboard layout.
for detailed information on how to customize the layout.
Create a keymap_mylayout.c file and put it in <local-dir> and issue this command to run:

docker run --rm -v /tmp:/data aquaron/tmk-infinity mylayout


Build Example Keyboard

To check out a custom layout that uses VI-style cursor using dual-role semi-colon key as a layer switch run
the command below and check out keymap_example.c in /tmp.

docker run --rm -v /tmp:/data aquaron/tmk-infinity example

Build HHKB Hex File

Building HHKB's hex file to flash HHKB Bluetooth version:

docker run --rm -v /tmp:/data aquaron/tmk-infinity example hhkb rn42
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