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Simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software on lighttpd server
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DokuWiki docker container

To run image:

    docker run -d -p 80:80 --name dokuwiki aranokai/alpine-dokuwiki

You can now visit the install page to configure your new DokuWiki wiki.

For example, if you are running container locally, you can acces the page
in browser by going to

To run with data container:

You can create data container for ease update proccess.

Create data container:

    docker run --volumes-from dokuwiki --name dokuwiki-data busybox

Now you can safely delete dokuwiki container:

    docker stop dokuwiki && docker rm dokuwiki

To restore dokuwiki, create new dokuwiki container and attach dokuwiki-data volume to it:

    docker run -d -p 80:80 --name dokuwiki --volumes-from dokuwiki-data aranokai/alpine-dokuwiki

To backup:

This will create dw-backup.tgz in Your current directory

    docker run --rm --volumes-from dokuwiki -v $(pwd):/backup aranokai/alpine-dokuwiki tar -czf /backup/dw-backup.tgz /dokuwiki

If you created data container, just use --volumes-from dokuwiki-data

To restore:

This will restore content from dw-backup.tgz in Your current directory

    docker run --rm --volumes-from dokuwiki -v $(pwd):/backup aranokai/alpine-dokuwiki tar -xzf /backup/dw-backup.tgz

If you created data container, just use --volumes-from dokuwiki-data

There is a possibility of divergence in the permissions of current container and backup. To fix it run:

    docker run --rm --volumes-from dokuwiki aranokai/alpine-dokuwiki chown -R lighttpd:lighttpd /dokuwiki

To update the image:

Make backup or use data container (described above)

Update image:

    docker pull aranokai/alpine-dokuwiki:<desired_tag_here>

Restore backup/run with data container

Optimizing your wiki

Lighttpd configuration also includes rewrites, so you can enable
nice URLs in settings (Advanced -> Nice URLs, set to ".htaccess")

For better performance enable xsendfile in settings.
Set to proprietary lighttpd header (for lighttpd < 1.5)

SystemD service

Here is simple systemd service file.
Copy it in /etc/systemd/system/ and run:

    systemctl daemon-reload
    systemctl start docker-dokuwiki

Build your own

    git clone
    cd docker-alpine-dokuwiki
    docker build -t my_dokuwiki ./buildroot/

Wanna participate?

Make pull request ;)
But consider several rules please:

  • This repo use git-flow workflow, so no actual pulls in master, do your changes in develop
  • If change is massive or introduse some intresting feature, use feature/<cool_name> branch instead.
  • Small critical fixes may go in hotfix/<version_num>, branched from master (please, contact with maintainer before do such pulls)
  • Or you can just RTFM of git-flow and sort out everything yourself (but who reads those damn manuals? ^_^ )
Docker Pull Command

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a year ago

@andrey01: Yes, this was missed libs, thank You! (:

PS: Sorry for late response...

a year ago

@aranokai: you would need to ensure that you have at least these packages installed:
ca-certificates php-openssl php-zlib php-zip

  • php-openssl is required as plugins often to be found at the https://

  • ca-certificates so that https:// resource could be verified

  • php-zlib & php-zip so that plugins could be extracted

Hope that helps! :)


2 years ago

There is some problems with plugin install. I'm working on it...