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This is an automated Docker build of blockstore. So... what is blockstore?

Blockstore: A Key-Value Store on Bitcoin

Blockstore is a generic key-value store on Bitcoin. You can use it register globally unique names, associate data with those names, and transfer them between Bitcoin addresses.

Then, you or anyone can perform lookups on those names and securely obtain the data associated with them.

Blockstore uses the Bitcoin blockchain for storing name operations and data hashes, and the Kademlia distributed hash table for storing the full data files.


pip install blockstore

Getting Started

First, start blockstored and index the blockchain:

$ blockstored start

Then, perform name lookups:

$ blockstore-cli lookup swiftonsecurity
    "data": "{\"name\":{\"formatted\": \"Taylor Swift\"}}"

You can find more at the blockstore main github repo (

This repo only exists to push automated builds to the Docker index.

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