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Plex Media Server, in a container


Clone the repo and build it

$ git clone

$ docker build -t plex .

Or pull from Docker Hub

$ docker pull arbourd/plex

Run it

$ docker run --name=plex -d -p 32400:32400 -v <config>:/plex -v <media path>:/audiovisual arbourd/plex


Setting allowedNetworks

To gain access to <ip>:32400/web (the server) from outside the host machine locally:

  • Open Preferences.xml in your favourite editor
$ vim <config>/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Preferences.xml
  • Add allowedNetworks="" or whatever your local range / subnet are to Preferences.xml

host mode

Running docker run with --net="host" will open up the entire hosts network stack to the container allowing avahi to broadcast locally.

This is necessary if you want to access Plex locally without signing in with a Plex account.

Error: PRAGMA cache_size=4000

This seems to be a docker-machine issue. No fix at this time.

Differences between this Plex container and others

  • Smaller footprint
  • Uses PPA to download / install Plex Media Server
  • matches host and client GIDs
  • Runs Plex Media Server as plex user, not root


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