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Shout, a node irc client/server in the browser, in a container


Pull from Docker Hub

$ docker pull arbourd/shout

Or clone the git repo and build the image

$ git clone


Running the container

$ docker run --name=shout -d -v ~/shout:/shout -p 9000:9000 arbourd/shout

Setting a different port

Set the PORT env variable in your run command to whatever port you want, in this case 8080

$ docker run --name=shout -d -e PORT=8080 -v ~/shout:/shout -p 8080:8080 arbourd/shout

Setting the server as private

You must have a user created to start the server as private. Without one, the container will simply exit.

Set the PRIVATE env variable in your run command to true to run Shout as private

$ docker run --name=shout -d -e PRIVATE=true -v ~/shout:/shout -p 9000:9000 arbourd/shout


First, find the running container's id (or use the containers name in place of the id):

$ docker ps -l | grep shout

> CONTAINER ID    IMAGE                   COMMAND
> 2a05fd52a599    arbourd/shout:latest    "/bin/bash -c /"

Run your shout command with Docker's exec and your container id or name, with the --home /shout flag

# With container's ID
$ docker exec -i 2a05fd52a599 shout --home /shout add user

# With container's name
$ docker exec -i shout shout --home /shout add user

Additional Shout settings and help

Please see the Shout documentation for more details


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