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artemis basespace version phase 1
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This repo containerizes the Arkas (previously namespaced as Artemis) differential work-flow pipeline. This container contains directories of Ensembl GRCh38 and GRCm38 build 83, along with all the dependent packages needed for running Arkas Differential Expression. Further, this container holds the RepBase builds and ERCC spike-ins. Note- this container does not hold the raw fasta files for Ensembl build 81, it only holds the annotation packages built by TxDbLite , a mere SQL-like R database, of Ensembl build 81. If you are interested in the raw fasta Ensembl build 81 used for our recent publication titled "Senescence in Circulating Human Hematopoietic Progenitors Reveals Focal Shifts in DNA Methylation with Elevated Transcription of Endogenous Retroviruses and Immune Stimulation" we used Ensembl builds 81, not 83 stored here, so we recommend pulling the ramsinghlab/supplementaldata docker image which holds the Ensembl build 81 fastas.

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