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Alpine based image with the current Oracle JDK 8 update 121 build 14
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Based on jeanblanchard/java these images contain essential additons not found in the normal JDK/JRE's.

At the current moment in time this consists of the LetsEncrypt CA Certs in the trust store, necessary for ourselves as we use LetsEncrypt ourselves and the standard JDK/JRE's don't support them yet.

There's three images:

  • area51/java:jdk-8 The full JDK
  • area51/java:jre-8 Just the Java Runtime Environment
  • area51/java:serverjre-8 The server JRE

In most instances, you'll want to use area51/java:serverjre-8 for server side applications.

As of July 27 2015, the latest version is running Java 8 update 102 build 14

Note: This image is for Intel/AMD processors (i.e. most docker installations). For the Raspberry PI please see the area51/rpi-java image

Historical versions:

  • Java 8 update 92 build 14 is available by appending .92 to the tags, e.g. area51/java:serverjre-8.92
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