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A Telegram integration to notify Docker events
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A Telegram integration to notify Docker events inspired by slack-notifier.

How to Run

Set up a telegram bot and get the Bot Token. then add the bot to a group and make it admin and extract the Chat ID.

Run a container as follows:

# Docker
docker run -d -e TELEGRAM_NOTIFIER_BOT_TOKEN=token -e TELEGRAM_NOTIFIER_CHAT_ID=chat_id -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock arefaslani/docker-telegram-notifier

# Docker Compose
curl -O
docker-compose up -d

Filter events by image name

By default all events are sent to Slack, but events can be filtered by the environment variable image_regexp as follows:

# show events only from node
-e image_regexp='^node:'

# show events but exclude from node
-e image_regexp='^(?!node:)'


Please let me know an issue or pull request.

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