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Spring Boot version of the Spring Petclinic application
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Docker container for the Spring Boot Petclinic application

Based on the official OpenJDK Alpine image, this docker image runs the Spring Boot version of the Petclinic application.
The Petclinic source code and the Docker file live here: (

Spring Boot supports executable JAR file and embedded Tomcat.
This image includes the war built by Maven and runs the JAR with the OpenJDK JRE.
The persistance layer relies on the embedded HSQL database.

Technology stack

  • Spring Boot
  • AngularJS
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Data JPA + Hibernate
  • EhCache
  • Bootstrap
  • Tomcat

How tu use this image?

Start the web application:

docker run -e "SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE=prod" -p 8080:8080 -t --name springboot-petclinic arey/springboot-petclinic

At this point go to http://DOCKER_HOST:8080/ from the docker host machine to interact with this webapp.

Stop the application:

docker stop springboot-petclinic

How to build this image?

This image has been built and pushed with the Docker Maven Plugin.

Build the image:

git clone
cd spring-petclinic
git checkout angularjs
mvn clean install
cd spring-petclinic-server
mvn docker:build

Build then push the image:

Edit the pom.xml and change the docker.image.prefix property.

mvn docker:build -DpushImageTag
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