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Containerized python + jenkins-autojobs installation
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Jenkins-autojobs Docker Image

A docker image that runs the awesome jenkins-autojobs.

The script runs the appropriate makejobs script for each yaml config in the volume /var/jenkins-autojobs/*-config.yaml, where * = svn, git, or hg.

After completion it runs any command passed as arguments at the end of the docker run command.


# assuming a jenkins container is running with the name jenkins...
docker run --rm --link jenkins -v /tmp/autojobs:/var/jenkins-autojobs arienkock/docker-autojobs echo "Finished!"

This command will run autojobs, link the jenkins container (so you can access it using http://jenkins:8080 in your *-config.yaml), and mount the host dir /tmp/autojobs which contains the yaml config files.

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