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Short Description
POI Data Provider is a web service for provisioning Points of Interest (POI) data.
Full Description

What you get

POI (Points of interest) Generic Enabler is a web server kit that supports

  • storing information related to locations
  • serving queries by location and other criteria
  • can be configured to meet your data needs

Why to get it

POI Generic Enabler makes it relatively easy to

  • Relate any information to places, e.g.
    • Tourist attractions / services
    • Photos, videos, 3D content
    • Special location data of your business
    • Imaginary items of an outdoor game
  • Search information by location and other criteria
  • Store information by location
  • Develop an application that utilizes those capabilities

To Install and Start

The following command will install the container if needed, and then starts the service.

$ docker run -d -p 80:80 ariokkon/fiware_poi_dataprovider

To configure the server container, log in to the container. Find the container id by

$ docker ps

Then using the <container_id> log in using

$ docker exec -it <container_id> /bin/bash -c "export TERM=xterm; exec bash"

Setting up user authentication

User authentication is needed, if

  • the server will contain confidential data not for anyone's eyes, or
  • the REST interface will be used to add or update data.

You'll find detailed instructions to set up user authentication in Installation and Administration Guide

Enabling the Client

An optional feature

The demo client allows you to immediately utilize your POI data provider. It shows POIs of selected categories on Google Maps background. It also allows you to add, modify, and delete individual POIs, if you have proper credentials.

NOTE: You need a Google Maps API key, because Google inc. requires you to obtain an API key for the application using Google Maps. You can obtain it from Get a Key/Authentication.

Edit the pois/index.html replacing the string "YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY" with your actual API key.

# sudo nano /var/www/html/pois/index.html

E.g.: from

<script type="text/javascript" 


<script type="text/javascript" 

Now, the POI browser can be accessed using a web browser at {your_poi_server}/pois . The POIs can be added, edited, and deleted at {your_poi_server}/pois/edit_poi.html .

NOTE: The changes are not saved to the image. They are lost, when the container is stopped. See Docker documentation how to do permanent changes.

Open Specifications

POI Data Provider is an implementation of the FIWARE POI Data Provider Generic Enabler Generic Enabler. More specifically, POI Data Provider implements the following APIs and Open Specifications:

Docker Pull Command