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A Centos 7 base image with Redis installed on top of it.
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Centos Redis Image

This service contains an instance of the Redis in-memory cache and is intended to receive queued jobs from or subscribe to jobs from other services.


Docker and Docker-Compose are required to run this application, which are packaged together for Mac and Windows users into Docker Toolbox, for Linux users, follow the instructions for installing the Docker Engine and Docker Compose.

Building the Redis cache service

After installing the Docker dependencies, run the following from the command line at the root of this directory :

make docker

That command will build an image (using the Dockerfile "recipe" in this project folder) from which containers can be created.

Running the Container

This container can be run from the docker-compose.yml in the parent directory OR manually from the command line like this:

docker run --name=centosredis -d -p 6379:6379 -p 6380:6380 centosredis

That command build the redis caching service. The standard ports of 6379 and 6380 are exposed inside the container and mapped to the same port on the host (you can map to a different host port if you wish).

Environment variables

The following are available but are optional (since they have default values already set in the Dockerfile), however if you change one of the VERSION/DOWNLOAD_ variables, you will need to change all three of them.

  • REDIS_VERSION - The version of Redis to run (defaults to 3.2.0).
  • REDIS_DOWNLOAD_URL - The download URL for this version of redis (must match the version)
  • REDIS_DOWNLOAD_SHA1 - The SHA1 key to verify the redis download hasn't been tampered with
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