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Docker container for MonetDB with R

Based on Fedora (latest)

Launching a MonetDB container

Pull the image from the registry:

docker pull monetdb/monetdb-r-docker

Quick start

docker run -d -P --name monetdb-r monetdb/monetdb-r-docker

The -d option will send the docker process to the background. The -P option will publish all exposed ports.

After that, you should be able to access MonetDB on the default port 50000, with the default username/password: monetdb/monetdb.

Or you can run docker exec -it monetdb-r mclient db to open an mclient shell in the container.

Production run

Before letting other users access the database-in-container, you should set a new password for the admin user monetdb:

docker exec -d monetdb-r /root/ <password>


Multiple database servers per container

The MonetDB daemon monetdbd allows for multiple MonetDB database server processes to run on the same system and listed on the same port. While it is not advised to run more than one database server in the same Docker container, you can do that by creating a new database with the monetdb command-line control tool.

For more information on how to use MonetDB, check out the tutorial.

Build your own

You can use the image as a base image when building your own version.
After pulling the image from the registry, run the command bellow to build and tag your own version.

docker build --rm -t <yourname>/monetdb-r-docker .


Base image

The MonetDB image is based on the latest Fedora (at the time of image generation). There are plans to migrate to CentOS (latest) once certain system.d issue is resovled


The image includes the latest stable version (at the time of image generation, again) of:

  • MonetDB
  • GEOS module
  • R integration module
  • R

The default database on the image has R integration enabled.


MonetDB runs on port 50000 by default, which is exposed on the image.

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