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Docker container for Igor, an extendable Slack (slash-command) bot written in Golang
Full Description

Igor is a Slack Slash command that works like a bot. You can send different kinds of messages to it that are then parsed by the various plugins to provide the requested response. More documentation about what Igor can do and how it works can be found on GitHub or various articles on

On GitHub you can also find the Dockerfile, and the CI configuration file that actually builds the image.


The default command of the container is to run Igor in server mode, with the server listening to port 8080.

The Docker container can be used in two ways:

  1. Use it as is and provide all configuration as an environment variable
  2. Extend the container to add the configuration as a config.yml of config.json file

Environment variable example

docker run -e 'IGOR_CONFIG={"randomtumblr": {"devops": {"imagesrc": ".item img", "name": "Devops Reactions", "titlesrc": ".post_title", "url": ""} }, "token": "SLACK_TOKEN", "weather": {"apitoken": "WEATHER_API_TOKEN", "defaultcity": "Melbourne,au"} }' -p 8080:8080 -d arjenschwarz/igor

Extending through Dockerfile example

FROM arjenschwarz/igor

ADD ./config.yml /

For a full list of all configuration options, please see the Igor documentation.

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