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HDHomerun DVR plus Samba server with required mounts.
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HDHomeRun DVR Docker Image

Docker image for the HDHomeRun Record DVR software. Also includes Samba with required mounts.


docker run -d --net=host arjones67/hdhomerun_dvr


I no longer use this image. The project is months behind schedule and I'm tired of waiting. I moved to a new solution. I'm updating this image, but i can no longer fully test it. So use at your own risk.


  • currently running HDHomeRun Record 20160208atest1. I will try to update the image as quickly as possible as updates are released. Instructions for manually building are in my GitHub repo's wiki. Manually building will automatically download the newest version of the software.
  • Your HDHomerun must be activated as documented in the Silicondust Forum. All rules and policies from Silicondust must be followed.
  • Notice the "--net=host". This is required because I could only get the dvr software to listen on the same IP range used by the container. For example if the Docker container uses 172.17.x.x but everything on your network is on 192.168.x.x, the dvr software will not be able to discover your HDHomerun hardware. There is a downside to using "--net=host". You're basically telling Docker to not containerize the network stack. I hope to find a workaround in the future.
  • By default the video will be stored within the container. If you want the video to persist a container being detroyed, mount an external volume at /hdhomerun/video
docker run -d -v /video:/hdhomerun/video --net=host arjones67/hdhomerun_dvr
  • If you want to disable the included Samba server, pass an environment varialbe using -e named SAMBA with a value of "off" or "false". This could be useful if you want to use a Samba server on the host, in another container, or use some other way to create the required network mount. If you try to run a Samba server on the host and in the container, they will conflict.
docker run -d -e SAMBA=off --net=host arjones67/hdhomerun_dvr

File/Directory Paths

If you want to customize the configuration, you can create a new Docker layer with your config files. Just replace the following files with your files.

  • smb.conf = /etc/samba/smb.conf
  • hdhomerun.conf = /hdhomerun/etc/hdhomerun.conf
  • recorded video path = /hdhomerun/video


Supported Host Operating Systems

This image will work on almost all modern Linux distros. Early versions of HDHomerun DVR would not run on a distro that only supports 64 bit binaries. An example is unRAID, This has now been fixed according to release notes from Silicon Dust, but I've not been able to test because I don't have an unRAID server.


HDHomeRun DVR software included in the image is used with the permission of Silicon Dust.

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