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ElasticSearch / LogStash / Kibana. Kubernetes manifests included.
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ElasticSearch / LogStash / Kibana Docker image

This image is based on phusion/baseimage so it has proper boot sequence and process supervision. Kubernetes manifests included.

phusion/baseimage is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS based image with runit init, cron, syslog-ng, and sshd.


docker run -ti --rm \
    -p 59080:80 \
    -p 59020:9200 \
    -p 5055:5000 \
    -p 5055:5000/udp \
    -v /tmp/data:/data \
    arkadi/elk \
    /sbin/my_init -- bash -l
  • UI / Kibana will be on port 59080.
  • Kibana default configuration is to connect to ElasticSearch on port 9200. MONITORING_ELASTICSEARCH_SERVICE_PORT changes Kibana config to desired port.
  • ElasticSearch indices will be stored in /tmp/data.
  • Send syslog stream to port 5055.

Source respository on GitHub.

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