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Gogs - a self-hosted Git service written in Go.
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Gogs Docker image

This image is based on phusion/baseimage so it has proper boot sequence and process supervision.

phusion/baseimage is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS based image with runit init, cron, syslog-ng, and sshd.


docker run -ti --rm \
    -p 50022:22 \
    -p 50443:50443 \
    -v /var/git:/home/git \
    -e \
    -e SSH_PORT=50022 \
    -e HTTPS_PORT=50443 \
    arkadi/gogs \
    /sbin/my_init -- bash -l
  • UI will be on port 50443 (HTTPS). Use HTTP_PORT for HTTP.
  • The data: Git repositories, HTTPS and SSH keys, Gogs config, etc. will be under /var/git.
  • DOMAIN is required for proper Gogs and HTTPS certificate configuration.
  • SSH_PORT and HTTP(S)_PORT are optional, but will default to 50022 and 50443 (HTTPS) respectively. Those variables also configure links presented by Gogs as part of its UI and in email text.
  • /sbin/my_init -- bash -l is optional to enter container with shell at startup.

Source respository on GitHub.

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