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Mathics - a free, light-weight alternative to Mathematica
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Mathics in Docker container

While Wolfram Alpha is great when I have no full Mathematica nearby, it is a little bit slow and too glorious. Python or Mathics come to rescue! Unfortunately, is abysmally sluggish. So the choice is to run Mathics within Docker (on private Deis).

Run it locally with:

docker run --rm -ti -p 8000:8000 arkadi/mathics

Open localhost:8000.

Run it on Deis:

deis create mathics
deis pull arkadi/mathics

Or build your own:

docker build -t arkadi/mathics:latest .
docker tag arkadi/mathics $DEV_REGISTRY/arkadi/mathics
docker push $DEV_REGISTRY/arkadi/mathics
deis create mathics
deis pull $DEV_REGISTRY/arkadi/mathics

Or build directly on Deis:

deis create mathics
git push deis master

Source repository on GitHub.

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